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•  What is kinesiology?
•  Muscle monitoring (testing)
•  Who can benefit?
•  What are the benefits?
•  What to expect

What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a holistic system of natural health care which uses muscle monitoring to communicate directly with the body. It can assess a person's response to any stimulus.

It draws on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and can evaluate body function through the muscle-meridian relationship. It can also establish connections between imbalances, put them in order of priority and determine the most effective treatment.

Kinesiology applies a wide range of gentle yet powerful techniques. These restore balance and create and sustain health, well-being and more effective functioning. Kinesiology also draws on and integrates other therapies and healing modalities and can be used as an adjunct to any therapy.

Kinesiology is renowned for being able to uncover and help the underlying causes of health problems that are difficult to find by any other means.

Kinesiology is a complimentary therapy and can be easily combined with other therapies such as nutrition and acupuncture.                                                            ^ Back to top

Muscle monitoring (testing)

The principal tool of kinesiology is muscle monitoring.

The Kinesiologist applies pressure to a contracted muscle and the client is asked to match or resist that pressure. The Kinesiologist evaluates the functioning of the muscle in response to a specific stimulus. The response of the muscle, whether it is able to remain in contraction or unlocks, gives the Kinesiologist feedback.

This feedback is used to determine what the priority stresses are and the best way to address them.                                                                                              ^ Back to top

Who can benefit?


People of all ages - whatever their level of fitness or health - can benefit, including:

  babies & children     elderly     athletes     performers     injured     unwell

Even healthy people will benefit from regular kinesiology treatments. Babies and people who cannot be muscle tested directly can be tested through a surrogate.  ^ Back to top

What are the benefits?

Kinesiology restores the whole system to balance, facilitating the self-healing process.

It can, for example:

    increase energy and vitality

    prevent illness

    improve posture

    relieve physical pain and tension

    defuse stress and the causes of stress

    heal traumas

    enhance brain function and co-ordination

    discover individual nutritional needs

    identify food and environmental sensitivities

    find and clear underlying causes of energy blocks/imbalances/diseases  ^ Back to top

What to expect

During the first session the practitioner will normally take a case history and the process will be explained. You will be asked why you have come for treatment.

The practitioner will explain muscle monitoring (testing) to you and demonstrate it. The practitioner may also help you to formulate an appropriate goal for the session.

Treatment will vary according to the practitioner and his or her branch of Kinesiology. However, muscle monitoring will be used to determine the priority stressors involved and the most appropriate action to take. It may include work on any level: physical, emotional, chemical, spiritual.

You may be advised to make dietary or lifestyle changes, given exercises, or prescribed flower essences or supplements as a home reinforcement of your session.   ^ Back to top

chiropractor, graston, kinesiology, nutrition, acupuncture, homeopathy

Dr. DeMarco: "As the owner and founder of the Black Rock Holistic Health Center, my goal and mission is to integrate the treatment of Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, and Homeopathy in order to provide the patient with the highest degree of success in treating their acute and chronic pain."

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